Impress visitors by
website preloader

Individual and unique preloader for your website will improve your visitors' loyalty.


Handwriting animation

The modern and editable preloader. SVG animation handwriting text!

When visitors look at the preloader animation, other content (images, javascript files) is loading.

Handwrite animation preloader

A simple way to improve the loyalty
and your brand recognition

WOW Effect

Impress your website visitors with beautiful and modern SVG animation.

Shows once

The preloader shows only once in the first load of your website. Or each new visit to your site.

Fast render

The first screen render will be your preloader.

Small size

Result code for preloader about 17-40kB (or gzip 7-25kB)

Suitable for any website

Get code from and put it into your site


You can set a background, colors, and shadow and color your preloader...